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Starting where I am

Launching Radiant has been exciting and overwhelming, empowering and humbling. Whether stepping on to my yoga mat to teach, wrestling with technology that is like a foreign language to me, asking for marketing help, promoting my business, or lying awake at night wondering what the hell I am doing, I have been challenged to experience vulnerability on a daily basis. The gap between where I currently am vs. where I can envision myself being is wide and full of desire, fear, hope and doubt. With the help of yoga and meditation, I am becoming more aware of my uncomfortableness, suffering, dis -ease and reminded that I don't need to get carried away by my thoughts and feelings, but rather can simply return to this moment, to the sensations in my body, to my breath, and to my need for self compassion. This vulnerability has been a gift for me - a reminder that we are all, in each moment, starting where we are, with what we have to offer, putting one foot in front of the other and taking it one breath and one day at a time.

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